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Below, you can read useful resources to complete, compliment or, track information provided in Jasmine Bridal online magazine.

Katie Schuber

In this blog, you will find the best advice and trends for brides now. Learn how to decorate your wedding with the options you have at hand and without going over your budget.


Allagown is a website where you can find a huge variety of wedding dresses, in different colours, sizes, and even styles. You can buy them, rent them, or simply get inspiration to create yourdesign.


Brides is a website entirely dedicated to brides. Here you can read tips to choose your perfect dress, tips to decorate your wedding depending on your budget, and fashion trends. You will also find a section dedicated to wedding cakes and the recommended food you should offer on your special day.


In this app, you will be able to get images that will help you get inspired and choose the best for your wedding. From photos of wedding dresses to decorations, cakes, and gifts, everything you need to add that special touch is on Pinterest.

The Knot

This is a free website where you can upload your wedding photos. You can write your love story, the most beautiful moments with your partner, or anything you want.

Wedding Program Templates

This website offers you a variety of free templates that you can customize. You will be able to create your wedding invitations the way you want and without complications.

Wedding Checklist Workbook

These checklists are completely free and will help you keep all your wedding spending in order. For example, the date you have the cake tasting, dress fitting, bridesmaids meeting, rehearsals, etc. Download them so you can keep updated and not forget anything.

Bridal Guide

Bridal Guide is the best guide for any bride-to-be. It offers a wide variety of articles to make your wedding an unforgettable day. You will find advice and experiences from other brides and their weddings, and everything that happens in the process of planning a wedding here.