About Jasmine Bridal

About Jasmine Bridal - About Jasmine BridalBarbara M. McKenzie was raised among brides and weddings. Her mother had an event agency dedicated speciallyto planning weddings. Barbara was always there to help her mom, as she loved learning more about decorations and beautiful wedding dresses.

As she grew up, Barbara M. McKenzie specialized in event planning and studied fashion design, as she’d always wanted to create wedding dresses. She followed her mother’s footsteps and established her event-planning agency.

With all her knowledge, she became the most respected bridal and wedding consultant in town.

There wasn’t a bride who didn’t consult with Barbara to choose the right decoration for her wedding, and of course, the best dress. She was the only one who knew how to make the wishes and dreams of all her clients come true.

Her work is still very important and in-demand these days. Sometimes brides from several cities in the country requires her services, and that is why she spends her time travelling.

Barbara M. McKenzie knows how important that big day is for a woman. The great day that you swear all your unconditional love forever to the person of your dreams in front of God.

This is why she decided to establish Jasmine Bridal, a well-rounded online magazine devoted to all bridal and formal wear and accessories. With the best advice on dresses, the best boutiques where you can rent them, the accessories you should use to be fashionable on your big day, and much more, Jasmine Bridal has it all.

All the secrets she has discovered through her years of study, work, and dedication, she wants to share with future brides all over the world. Because every woman deserves the best tips to make that big day the most unforgettable day of her life.